Tonight Elissa had a class at school so I picked up Devin from mom’s house when I got off work. I let him watch TV for about an hour or so while I got on the computer, and around 8 o’clock I could hear him start watching one of his favorite shows: “Spongebob Squarepants.”

I yelled into the room, “When that show that you’re watching goes off, it’s time for bed!”

I look at the clock at 8:30, and go into the living room. And what had he done? Yep, that’s right. He had turned it over from “Spongebob” (end time 8:30) to some movie on Nickelodeon (end time 9:40). Hey, I DID say “that show you’re watching.” I didn’t specify WHICH show, right? Too bad. That doesn’t work with big “mean” Aunt Zan. Off to bed he goes.

And get this—Elissa’s cat seems to like to bother Devin when he goes to bed at night, so until he falls asleep we usually shut the cat up in the hall bathroom or in one of our bedrooms. Tonight it’s the same thing, so I pick up the cat and take him to my room. Except this time, the cat gets frisky and claws me as I’m putting him down—his claw puts a two-inch gash down the inside of my left ring finger. And when I say “gash” I’m not exaggerating…it was bleeding and I had to wrap a wet napkin around my finger until it stopped. What a night.

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