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I always find it difficult to buy presents for my sisters. We’ve borrowed each other’s clothes quite a few times, but sometimes it doesn’t work out as well when we try to buy the other something as a gift. I guess it’s easier to go through a person’s closet and be able to “pick and choose” what you like from the contents, rather than to be presented with just one thing. This year, knowing I would be buying my gifts online and getting them shipped to Virginia, I decided to send each sister a purse for Christmas. With my indecisiveness I agonized over which ones to choose (it literally took me a few hours to decide), but I finally found two that I thought they would like.

As it turns out, great minds really do think alike: I opened the big box yesterday morning that Mom and Elissa had shipped to me from home, and what did my big sister get me? A purse, of course. It’s from Guess, and I adore it. Not only that—having shopped separately and not knowing what the other bought me—both Mom and Elissa got me a journal. The one from Mom has a leather cover and magnetic clasp; the pages inside are bound together but can be taken out and refilled once it’s full. The one from Elissa is smaller and black, with a shiny metallic design on the cover. I started writing regularly in a journal about six months ago, but everything has been going into a regular, boring, spiral-bound notebook (yes, it’s true—there are many things that just can’t be shared with the big-wide-world online). I’ll be happy to replace the notebook with something more memorable.

There have been visitors here this weekend, as well as a few feasts interspersed throughout, but it was still difficult being away from Virginia for the second Christmas in a row. I called around yesterday and got to speak to a fair number of family members, sending text messages to other family and friends that I didn’t speak with.

Since the temperature was fabulous yesterday, the females here in the house in California left and drove to the park. Here I am with my new purse and with Aunt Cathy:

Christmas 1

Christmas 5

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