It was abnormally windy today. It was so windy that during my walk from the bus stop to the building where I work, I had to dig in my bag to locate an elastic band to pull back my hair. Otherwise, I would have been a big, tangled mess by the time I arrived, with no comb to put things back in order.

It was so windy that it almost reminded me of the ferocious winds of Amsterdam—no, scratch that, I take it back. Whenever I have come across a strong wind in the last year, it automatically makes me think of being in Amsterdam. That was definitely the most ferocious wind I have ever experienced. And, admittedly, the wind in Chatsworth, CA is much warmer than anything I came across in a Netherlands winter.

I even did a good deed while I was battling the wind, and my hair, this morning. A shopping cart that someone had abandoned on the sidewalk had rolled into the road, causing all oncoming cars in that lane to swerve around it. It was early and traffic was still light, but I knew it would be picking up soon and could possibly cause a problem. So I tucked my bag more securely under my arm, waited for a few cars to pass, and stepped into the road. I pulled the cart upright from where it had turned over on its side, and then wrestled it over the curb and back up onto the sidewalk, where I then pushed it behind a nearby electric pole so that (hopefully) it wouldn’t end up back in the street.

I can’t end this post without sending a shout-out—a heartfelt “Congratulations!”—to my big sister Elissa. She interviewed for an internal position right before Christmas with the same company she’s been with since 1999, and she found out this afternoon that she got it. It means no more working in the call center (and there are many of us who can relate to just how exciting that is just in itself!), doing something different that she’ll really like, as well as moving to her company’s downtown location. I know she’ll do a wonderful job.

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