When I mentioned in my last post that I work in an office now instead of a cubicle, it reminded me I have some photos of my workplace in California that I took shortly before I left. I didn’t take the time to post them in the rush of moving, and then I forgot about them. But the photos illustrate some of the things I was writing about, and since I’m no longer working there, I will show them now.

To start off with, here is the outside of the building—complete with beautiful southern California palm trees! (There’s a fountain underneath the palm trees too, but it wasn’t turned on at the time.)

Old Workplace 1

Visual proof of the 9201 address on the building:

Old Workplace 2

I walked about 0.8 of a mile one-way from the bus stop to the workplace, but (except maybe when it rained) I didn’t mind it. The temperature was usually nice, and I liked having the excuse to get some exercise at the beginning and end of each day. It did throw a damper on my shoe-options though—I had to wear comfortable shoes, or else I would be cursing by the time I reached my destination.

Old Workplace 3

On my first visit to the company, when I was interviewing, I went into the bathroom and saw this scale sitting on the floor. And questioned why this was so (last paragraph of this post).

Old Workplace 4

Shortly before I left the company, they were clearing out a room that was being used for file storage. I walked by the room after everything was off the shelves and saw this previously-hidden mural on the wall. (Hmmm…either the building was used for a different purpose in the past, or an enterprising employee decided to get creative.)

Old Workplace 5

And finally, the cube where I sat (note how neat and boring it is!):

Old Workplace 6

And here is a view that shows my cube in relation to my neighbors’:

Old Workplace 7

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