Today is the last day of November. This means I’ve successfully completed my participation in NaBloPoMo.

Some of you know already what that is (and may have been participating in it yourselves), while non-bloggers are most certainly asking, “What the heck is that?” The short explanation: it was a challenge to bloggers to post every day in the month of November. Some people signed up and didn’t follow through, but I think a fair amount of people made an effort to write something every day.

Why is this the first time I’ve mentioned it? For the same reason I usually don’t mention things here until they’re definite. I didn’t want to say I was going to do it and not be able to follow through. Also, I didn’t want to have an excuse to just write anything. There were some participants who used the NaBloPoMo challenge as the sole reason for writing a post…but isn’t quality more important than quantity? I didn’t want to be able to use the challenge itself as a topic, so I decided not to mention it at all. It was a good way to challenge myself to come up with new content.

But I haven’t posted every day simply because of NaBloPoMo. It’s a combination of factors: feeling more comfortable with posting what I want to post, and also rediscovering that I enjoy coming up with regular topics to write about. Some days it has been a challenge to think of something new, but most of the time it hasn’t been as much trouble as I thought it would be. And it gets easier the more I do it — I guess it’s all about making something a habit. I find myself paying more attention to the little things that happen and seeking out new topics that I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

I’m going to continue posting as much as possible even though the November challenge is over, but at least now I won’t feel so bad if I allow myself to skip a day here and there.

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