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I’ve been tagged by Janet from Love is Blonde. I’m supposed to tell you six weird things about myself. Some of them might seem weird to you, where others are just — well, information about me. This could mean I’m not really all that weird, or else I just couldn’t think of the weird things I do because I’m so used to them.

  • I have to have short fingernails. I hate the sound of the sharp click-clacking of my nails on computer keys. Long nails get in my way. At least once a week you can find me taking a nail-clipper and cutting all of my fingernails short, so that the white part of the nail doesn’t extend past the fingertip. Subsequently, I’ve never had fake nails in my life.
  • Other than regularly scheduled checkups, I haven’t been to a medical doctor in at least five years. (And if I’m remembering correctly, the last time I went was because I had a bad cough that I couldn’t get rid of. That’s also the last time I took an antibiotic.) I don’t really have anything against doctors — I just never get sick enough to warrant having to see one. And if I do get sick, where I feel bad enough to call out of work (which hasn’t happened in at least three years), it’s only for a day or two and then I’m back to normal.
  • I am a Hater of Feet. Not necessarily my own (although I don’t linger on them), but definitely anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter how attractive or unattractive they are — I am an Equal Opportunity Foot Hater. Most of my family and friends can attest to this. My sisters have been known to purposefully touch me with their bare feet, just to watch me squirm. (And then they must duck, because I would be apt to punch them.)
  • I’ve never been a big music-lover. I have listened to, liked, and bought CDs through the years, but I don’t have a large repertoire of people or groups that I like. I was only allowed to listen to Christian music when I was growing up, so maybe my delayed entrance into “regular” music is the cause for my disinterest. I bought an iPod almost two years ago, and soon after that I loaded it with a number of my CDs (as well as some that I borrowed from friends). Then, before I moved to California last year, my brother added a few more. But that’s it. My iPod has enough music on it to keep me entertained, but I don’t even have iTunes loaded on my home laptop. Not only that, now that I check out audiobooks from the library my radio usage has drastically gone down as well. And I don’t have cable TV, so I don’t watch music videos. I’m definitely not keeping current with the “popular” new music.
  • 99% of the time, I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I’ve been doing this for years and years — at least four years, I’d say. I usually only deviate from this habit if I’m staying over at somebody else’s house. This is my routine: I use one serving of Old-Fashioned oats (1/2 c.); microwave it with 1/2 c. of water and a little bit of cinnamon for 90 seconds; add 1/2 c. soy milk once it comes out of the microwave (which cools it down), and then I put 1/2 c. All Bran or Kashi cereal on top for a “crunch.” Pretty specific, right? I know. The habit is ingrained, so I just keep my trusty 1/2 c. measuring scoop handy.
  • When I was little, I was a voracious reader. (Yes, I know…what a shock!) But here’s the weird thing that I did for a while: I would pick the main character, or my favorite character (who was always female), in the current book I was reading, and I would move my lips to the words whenever that person spoke. I think it was my way of living vicariously through the character; putting myself in her shoes, whether she was one of the girls in the Babysitters Club or a heroine in a novel about a girl and her horse (I loved to read books about horses). There were a few instances where someone walked in the room and caught me moving my lips, and then asked me what I was doing. I would immediately stop moving my mouth and respond, “Nothing.” I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that before.
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