Breaking Off the Engagement: Would You Give the Ring Back?

Ah, the holidays. In addition to all the general merriment and gift giving, it’s also a popular season for diamond rings and bended knees. (In fact, this New York Times article says, “while only about 7 percent of American couples choose to marry in December, 19 percent of couples become engaged during the holidays.”) But on the flip side of that, this time of year also has the highest occurrence of breakups. According to the January ’08 issue of Shape magazine, 56 percent of breakups occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day than during any other time of year.

So why is this? Does the feeling of discontentment start once you realize the person you’re with isn’t someone you’d want to take home to meet the family? Might it have something to do with seasonal affective disorder (a dark attitude caused by an extended period of less-than-stellar weather)? Maybe your guy buys himself expensive toys all year long but presents you with a Christmas gift that’s a little short of spectacular. Or perhaps you caught him being too friendly with an attractive co-worker at his office holiday party.

Obviously, a winter breakup can be caused by any number of factors. But whatever the reason, inevitably there will be certain things you’ll have to deal with and get through. And if the breakup involves ending an engagement, you’ll likely be faced with the decision of what to do with the ring. Do you keep it? Give it back?

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