It’s One of Those Days

At work today I discovered that a database I spend tons of time with has mysteriously erased data that was put in weeks ago. I literally spend hours on this database at a stretch, updating information about members in our organization as well as possible recruits. I saw the errors late in the day, right before it was time to leave, so I reported everything to Tech Guy and ducked out as soon as I could. Please, work your magic and get everything back to the way it was before I get back to work tomorrow.

It’s sleeting outside. When I exited the metro and crossed the street, I stepped up on the sidewalk and promptly slipped on a patch on ice — falling on my right knee. It took me a few tries to get up because my feet kept slipping out from under me when I tried to stand. I made it home okay (I lost my balance twice more, but I was able to catch myself before I went down), but the walk took me about twice as long as it normally does. My knee feels all right but I can already tell there’s going to be a big bruise.

When I got home, I went to the fridge and pulled out a container of mango salsa that I made on Sunday. I wrestled with the stubborn lid, and when it finally popped open most of it flew out of the bowl and onto the floor — so I spent about ten minutes picking that up and then wiping the tiles clean.

After all that I turned the heat up, changed into fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt, poured myself a glass of red wine, and settled on the couch. I’m kind of scared to do anything else right now.

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