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Six Uninteresting Things About Me

1) I’ve never received a Valentine’s Day gift from a boyfriend because I’ve never actually had a boyfriend on V-day. I did receive a bouquet of flowers one year from a dude I’d met only a few days before — I was working for Wachovia at the time and he had the flowers delivered to my building (this had to have been ’99 or ’00). I think we went on a date after that, but it didn’t work out.

2) I get horrible motion sickness on boats. The last time I was on a boat was over four years ago, when I went out on my uncle’s boat on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. I take Dramamine and it helps slow the symptoms, but the rocking and swaying of the boat isn’t a pleasant experience. Also, even though I take Dramamine’s non-drowsy formula, once I spend an hour or two on the boat I tend to pass out cold for at least a few hours as soon as I get somewhere where I can lay my head down.

3) If I step outside into bright sunlight, I’m likely to sneeze. It’s a minority trait (along with my other non-minority traits of having blond hair, blue eyes, and the inability to roll my tongue). According to Fit Sugar, being a sun-sneezer “has been recognized for over 40 years by the medical community.”

4) Even though I started eating chicken and turkey again last summer, I still buy Morningstar Farms-brand faux “chicken” and “streak” strips. They taste good, they’re a great source of protein, and they take about 60 seconds to heat up in the microwave. Gotta love that.

5) I’m going to be a bridesmaid for the second time — my good friend Teresa is getting married in October.

6) I’ve been purging things from my closet on a regular basis for the past few years, but I haven’t been replacing these items at nearly the same rate. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I’d much rather have stuff to choose from that I actually wear, as opposed to staring at things I don’t like — but I do believe I’ll have to set aside some time to go shopping soon. I’ve been wearing the same few pairs of slacks to work pretty much all the time, and my dressy shirts (the ones I actually like) are being used quite often as well.

(I was tagged for this meme by Elana.)

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