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This is what a few strong, smart women think about Valentine’s Day:

1) Angela used the occasion to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

Someone out there will probably point out that the acronym [for Singles Awareness Day] is SAD, and that this is depressing. […]

But to the people who would bring up the aforementioned acronym as a way to discredit the holiday, I say BAH! After all, the Valentine’s Day shares an acronym with Venereal Disease. Being in a relationship might get you Valentine’s Day, but it could also get you a Venereal Disease, and you’ll be Single and celebrating SAD soon enough.

2) Stephanie broke up with her boyfriend last year, and talked about spending this Valentine’s Day as a single woman.

I’m not going to let the lack of a sweeheart steal my joy. What is the point of sitting around the house in sweats, eating bon bons by myself crying and living a sad country song in real life,
“woe-is-me-my-lover-dun-left-me-wit-nothin-but-a-brokenheart.” I’ve done that many times over my lifetime, and what did it get me? It got me a depressed day. Seriously, screw that! And frankly, with everything I’ve been through lately with loss, I’m not going to lose one happy day, actually this whole week, when I know I have the power to choose to be happy. I can choose to celebrate me and the abundant life I do have. I can choose to celebrate the people I do love and who love me, romantic or not. I can choose to focus showering my Valentine’s Day with love. So, that is what I’m going to [do].

3) Nic celebrated V-day early with a party at her aunt’s house. She loves celebrating the holiday as a single person, but she still has to deal with the questions.

I only had one episode of bitterness when I was taken off-guard by marriage announcements of two old friends and then asked three separate times in the following ten minutes if I: “have found love yet?” “have someone special?” “am going to be the next one married?” Then I was just annoyed that it’s not okay to simply be single. This was reinforced later in the evening when I watched a ridiculous amount of TV and noticed that the quantity of eharmony and match.com advertisements has gone up with the impending holiday and I was simply annoyed at the companies’ desire to prey on those disenfranchised […] by a Hallmark holiday.

4) Kat has a boyfriend, but she feels the pain of single ladies who are almost “expected” to be sad.

Singles are just as confused about what to do with Valentine’s, with the added bonus of some sort of societal-approved sadness around it. So we think it’s hosting a single gal’s night, or treating ourselves to a spa day because we love ourselves and “who needs a man to validate us?” anyway, or making love to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while getting teary-eyed watching back-to-back Audrey Hepburn movies. There’s no end to those advising us on what we should do to cope, survive, celebrate, be positive, focus priorities, treat ourselves, set romantic goals, ad nauseam.

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