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Six Words, Times Six

This probably isn’t what MizFit had in mind, but she tagged me for the 6-word memoir meme and this was my take on it today. So you get six words (in bold) and then further explanation (sometimes). Because I’m nice like that.

80 years really equals 10 months.
Explanation: none.

Cell phone is temporarily shut off.
As in, I turned the power button off last night. It might be off for another two minutes, two hours, or two days. I’m feeling antisocial right now.

Roommate woke me up this morning.
I usually use the alarm on my cell phone to wake me up, but like I just said, it’s currently shut off. I have an alarm on the iPod station on my nightstand, but I didn’t feel like learning to set it last night since I’ve never used it for that purpose before.

I really need to get away.
It’s been a long time since I had a vacation. I’m definitely taking that trip to Tampa to see my friend Denise, but probably not until the last week of April. I’ve got other stuff to do at various times this month, so the end of April/beginning of May works best.

Little sister Angela turns 25 today!
Due to scheduling conflicts, I’ll be seeing her the weekend of the 11th instead of this weekend. Angie knows I love her.

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But I’ll be back to my normal, jovial self tomorrow.

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