Random Friday

Random Friday, Ver. 44

1) I had to turn on my cell phone this morning because I was asked to send a text message to a co-worker who’s currently off-site. My phone has been off since Wednesday night. I wasn’t quite ready, but it was time. I have plans for this weekend and the phone must be utilized.

2) Speaking of plans! One of my friends is taking ballroom dancing lessons (she wants to be able to hold her own on the dance floor when she attends a wedding with her boyfriend in a few months). Some of her instructors are taking part in a ballroom dancing competition in the Tyson’s Corner area tomorrow, so she asked if I’d accompany her. Indeed I will!

3) Leah finally posted her 101 Things list! She has some good stuff on there and I know she’ll have fun working her way through.

4) I bought my plane ticket for the BlogHer conference this summer, which will take place in San Francisco. Even though I lived in southern California for a year, I never made it to the northern part of the state. I’m glad I’ll soon be able to say I’ve been there.

5) I did my taxes this week. I owe money to the government for the first time ever, due to starting freelance work in 2007. Ouch. Hopefully the tax rebate that’s supposed to be coming in the next few months will be large enough to cover most of what I’m paying out.

6) I tried to attend my first-ever Pilates class last night, but even though I got to the gym five minutes early, the class had already started — and, because of the way I am, I wasn’t about to walk into the class late. I’ll try again next week. I went downstairs and got on an elliptical machine instead. (Can I just say? I spent half an hour on the elliptical, but I had a 45-minute round-trip commute from home, to the gym, and back. It’s only about 5-6 miles, but traffic has been worse than usual these past few days. Ah, the joys of living in northern Virginia…)

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