Adventures in Belly-Dancing

My roommate and I signed up for an 8 week belly-dancing class (one night a week), and Monday night was our first class.

The City of Alexandria has 5-6 recreation centers, and this class happens to be in one of the centers located a short walk from where we live. (It’s not one of the main locations where most of the other classes take place, so this is lucky for us.)

As my roommate and I walked over on Monday night, I made a joke about the possibility of encountering traffic. She replied dryly, “Only if you walk in front of me and slow down.”

Our instructor is this woman who’s been dancing since she was young — her mother was a professional belly-dancer, too. There were about twenty of us in the class, which is a good number. It’s not too many to be overly-crowded, but not so few people that you get too much personal attention.

We did figure-eights with our hips, and learned how to shimmy. I was a little self-conscious, but since most of the other people looked just as uncoordinated and ungraceful as I did, I felt better.

I can’t say after one class if I think it’s actually fun or not, but I have seven more weeks to figure it out.

(This class will fulfill #87 on my 101 Things list: Take a class that features something I’ve never done before.)

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