Strong Women, Strong Voices

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Don’t you love when you read something that makes you stop and think? I like this feeling because I read a lot of different stuff, in all kinds of places, and I’ve mastered the art of skimming.

There are times when you come across something that makes you slow down; maybe even causes you go back and re-read the preceding paragraphs to get the full gist of what that person is saying. Whenever I come across blog posts like this I save the title, web address, and usually a paragraph or so of the piece (to remind myself why I liked it) in a designated place, just in case I want to use the topic in a post of my own at a later time. (Many of these posts tend to make their way into what I write for BlogHer.) If I don’t save them, with so much new stuff coming at me every day, I know I’ll quickly forget about them.

Who else has come across something lately that made you stop and think?

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