Things People Have Said To Me

1) “Oh, you’re one of those people.”

Spoken by a female co-worker after I said I need to go clothes shopping because I haven’t been in a while. “Those people” apparently means “someone who doesn’t like to shop.” She, on the other hand, likes to go browsing multiple times a week.

2) “Zandria, when I first met you I didn’t get the impression you’d be very nice. But now I think you’re a very nice person.”

A random comment from a male co-worker.

3) “You sound like the trainer at my gym.”

Said to me during a conversation about drinking protein shakes after doing a weight workout.

4) “That is so true.”

A confirmation by my roommate, when I said one of the worst things about being single is sleeping alone.

5) “No worries. Go right ahead.”

Said by a hot guy at the gym, after I “accidentally” jumped in front of him to refill my water bottle.

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