I Have a New Job!

I started a new job yesterday. I’m still with the same employer; I just have a new title. I used to work in the Membership department — now I’m the Executive Assistant to the President and three Vice-Presidents. The position opened up not long ago, and since I’ve never had this kind of position before I hadn’t thought about applying until one of the Vice Presidents approached me and asked if I was interested.

I thought about it over the weekend, then told them on Monday I wanted to interview for it. The interview was scheduled for 10am Tuesday morning. Less than 15 minutes after I interviewed, I was told I got the job. So I officially started yesterday morning.

The reason I went back and forth about it for a few days is because it was unexpected. I’d already started a halfhearted attempt at finding a new job before this new opportunity came up, because I didn’t feel like the job I was doing in the Membership department was really going anywhere. So I knew if I took this new position, I was making a commitment to them that I would stay and put in another good chunk of time. (No, it’s not a commitment that’s set in stone — but they asked about it, and I know that’s their expectation, so by taking this job I was telling them I wouldn’t start looking for a new job in a few months.)

But you know what? That’s okay. Because I like where I work, I like the people I work with, and I like where I live (even if it is god-awful expensive).

In the end, I decided to do take this job because there will be more benefits than anything else. I haven’t had this title before, so I’ll be learning new things. I’ll have a lot more interaction with people than I did before (the day went by really fast today; I felt like I was constantly moving around and doing stuff, which was great). It’ll look good on my resume, being promoted within the same organization. And yes, since this is a promotion, I’ll be earning more money.

(YAY for getting a nice raise!)

(When I told my roommate about it, she said we have to go out and celebrate soon — but that I’ll have to pay, since I’m the one bringing home the bigger paycheck. Gotta love that logic!)

(This also means that, completely unplanned, I can cross off #12 from my 101 Things list this month: Get a promotion at work that results in a raise.)

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