28th Birthday Weekend

Happy birthday to me! Here’s the recap of my weekend:


My roommate Jen decorated our apartment with balloons and streamers. Jen, Mary, and I braved the heat long enough to check out the Armenian festival in Old Town, but it was so hot and humid I felt like my skin was melting. At least my girlfriends were able to give me their first-hand opinion of a guy I’ve been talking to through MySpace — he met us at the festival and had lunch with us (I’ll be adding him to my list of “Things Guys Shouldn’t Do or Say When They Meet Someone New,” but that’s a post for another time). I went on my ultra-exciting motorcycle ride. Then K.T. came over and I kicked some major butt in both Wii Bowling and Wii Boxing.


My sister Elissa came up from Richmond on Saturday and spent the night. She’d never met any of my friends from this area, so I was really glad she got to meet everyone and also go with us to our favorite bar. (She did break my Wii-Boxing winning streak, but since she’s cute I decided to forgive her. I won’t let her beat me again, though!) I took her to my gym on Sunday morning and wore her arms out with weights…I like to see muscles quivering with fatigue! I hope she’s sore today (meaning the “good sore,” of course). She did fabulously and I really enjoyed her company. (It’s also been a while since I’ve had a giggling fit in the weight room.)


A friend was supposed to bake my cupcakes, but when I started pulling all the ingredients out of the cabinets…I ended up making them myself! (This was because I insisted I was having fun, not because they were standing idly/lazily by.) The thing is, I actually really-really enjoy baking — I just hardly ever do it because…well, what am I supposed to do with the finished product? We all ate some of the cupcakes; I sent a few home with K.T.; I gave one to my roommate’s friend when he dropped by on Sunday. The rest I packed into plastic containers and brought to work with me today for my co-workers to consume. (So I guess I just answered my own question? Bake and share? That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.)

Birthday cupcakes

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