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These Crazy Days

1) Singing the Blues

I went to the Columbia Pike Blues Festival on Saturday afternoon with Jen and our friend Tripp. It was nice — great weather, good music, and a fair amount of people. I also entertained myself by doling out nicknames. Jen became “Jen SparklePants” — she was wearing glitter lotion on her arms that, once it dried, fell onto her black capris and sparkled in the sun. And Tripp was “Flippy-Jumpy Man,” because he liked to hop up onto the curb and down and back up again.

I was having fun:

Having fun

Here’s me and Jen (aka SparklePants):

Zan and Jen

And…at some point Tripp and I were supposed to take a nice, smiling photo together but I just had to make it more…interesting?

There were tongues

(Disclosure: At no point did Zan’s tongue actually come into contact with Tripp’s cheek. Zan and Tripp are only friends. She did, however, kick him in the butt with her foot. In public. Because he deserved it.)

2) I Thought it Was a Pickup Line

So you know how some guys will say, “Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” when they want to talk to you? I heard it once again this past Friday night. It was late, sometime after 1am; I was leaning across the counter at a bar, signing my receipt so I could make my way out of there. This guy came up on my left and asked if he’d seen me before. I looked over, shook my head, and said, “Uh, no. I don’t think so.”

“I’m pretty sure I have,” he persisted. “Don’t you go to [Name of Zan’s Gym]?”

Well, what do you know? Some guys use that line and they actually have seen you before.

3) Turn That Frown Upside-Down!

You know how sometimes you might accidentally pull up farther than you’ve planned at a stop light, and you’re sitting partially in the pedestrian walkway? And sometimes a person that has to walk around the front of your car will throw up their arms in frustration, just to show you how very displeased they are with your obvious discourtesy? That happened to me last night when I was waiting at the corner of King and Fairfax in Old Town. This dude threw up his arms at me, and in response I gave him a big, bright smile and waved at him. It could have been my imagination, but he didn’t look quite as pissed after that.

4) Annoying Neighbors!

They spent all day Sunday playing some kind of dancing game where they stomped in rhythm and spent a lot of time laughing. (Did I mention this was going on right above my head? For hours? When I was sitting in the living room, trying to get some work done on the computer?) I felt like saying, “There will be blood!” Which brings me to…

5) This Movie Was a Waste of Time

Um, There Will Be Blood? It didn’t make any sense. It’s one of those movies where you get to the end and can’t figure out what the hell the point of it was. One part that sticks in my mind is Daniel Day-Lewis’ character shouting, “Bastard in a basket! Bastard in a basket!” I found it quite humorous. (But no, it wasn’t actually supposed to be funny — I just needed comedic relief since the rest of the movie was either boring me or confusing me.)

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