So, This Whole BlogHer Conference in San Francisco Thing…

1) BIG NEWS!!!!

I was asked to facilitate the 20-Something Bloggers meeting at the BlogHer conference on Friday!! Someone else requested to have the meeting put on the agenda, but then decided not to attend. I received an email from Elisa (one of the three founders of BlogHer) a few days ago, and I couldn’t say no. As a 20-something who writes on singles topics, it makes sense to be involved in this (and I was already planning to attend the meeting as a spectator).

Look — I’m on the official agenda!

And you know what? I’m actually okay with this (or at least I will be up until five minutes or so before the meeting starts). I don’t have to give a big speech. All I have to do is introduce myself, ask some questions, and keep everyone on track for about 45 minutes. It’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to it.

2) Last Year’s Conference

I went to the BlogHer conference last summer in Chicago. I was able to stay with a friend, which was awesome, but this year I’m looking forward to being in the same venue where the conference is taking place. Last year I had to carry all my stuff around with me, but this year I can run things up to my room if needed. I’m looking forward to the conference this year more so than I did last year, mostly because I know a lot more people this time around.

3) The Itinerary

I’ll fly out of National airport on Thursday morning, returning Sunday night. I’m taking my laptop with me, but how much writing I’ll be able to do has yet to be determined. I’ll be out of work tomorrow as well, due to a doctor’s appointment I pre-scheduled — and I’m driving to Richmond afterwards to get my hair done. (I’m overdue for a trim and highlights. Normally I wouldn’t make such a long drive in the middle of the week for a haircut, but my stylist has been away for the past few weekends…and I can’t go to San Fran looking like this!)

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