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Photo Thursday

I changed my profile photo on MySpace. For the past few months, it’s been this one:

Z is for Zan

And now it’s this one.


Photo #2 is getting a lot more responses (maybe because it’s brighter and easier to see?). When I had the first one up, hardly anyone contacted me that I didn’t already know. But as some of you are probably aware, being contacted through MySpace isn’t always the best thing in the world. I receive a lot of these types of messages: “Hey, hottie, how r u? Hit me back if u want 2 chat.”

Remember when I did my BlogHer conference recap, and I mentioned I participated in a Wii Boxing tournament? (The grand prize would have been a Wii of my very own, so I had to try. But alas, I lost in the second round.) My consolation prize was this t-shirt — complete with little animated gals wearing boxing gloves! The pictures are pretty strategically placed, if you ask me. I’ve been wearing the shirt to bed. (Note the black bra underneath. Because I’m classy like that!)

Wii Boxing T-shirt

Lastly, something bit me while I was sleeping the other night (note I said some-THING, not some-ONE). This photo was taken Wednesday morning — the area is about twice as red today. I started putting hydrocortisone cream on it last night, which makes it itch a bit. I was wearing my hair pulled back when I was walking to work this morning, and I think I might have scared a few people (my hair hides it otherwise).

I think it might have been a spider. I can just picture this spider crawling on my neck and saying: YUMYUM Zanny’s skin taste GOOD.

Something bit me!

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