Aerobics, Stripper-Style

I’m taking a Strip Aerobics class tomorrow night with Semi-Charmed Jen [blog no longer active]. She admitted this morning to having some anxiety about it, and I have to say I agree with her. It’s natural to be nervous when you’ve never tried something like this before.

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine worked as a stripper for a while — so I’ve been to a few strip clubs and I’ve seen women dance and remove their clothes. (It’s kind of funny, actually. The last time I was in a strip club was almost ten years ago, when I was 18. Since I knew one of the dancers, they’d let me come in as long as I didn’t drink alcohol. I never got hit on or anything; the men were too busy ogling the women on stage.)

I imagine the class won’t be too nerve-wracking. If Jen and I can get up the courage to try something new, there’s bound to be other women there who are nervous. I’m just going to show up in my normal workout clothes — stretchy pants, sports bra, and tank top. They have shoes for rent, so if everyone shows up wearing spiked heels I can get a pair once I’m there. I can’t recall ever wearing those kinds of shoes before though, so hopefully I won’t lose my balance and fall on my butt.

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