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Strip Aerobics: Shake it Like it’s Hot

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Although I can put on a brave front, I was a little apprehensive about taking Strip Aerobics. I was picturing this big, brightly lit room with ultra-fit women parading around in skimpy clothing. I was afraid the students would laugh at me and critique my moves. I feared the class might involve removing my clothes.

Another misconception: I’ve read various reviews of cardio striptease DVDs, and a few people have said it wasn’t a good cardio workout. I actually went to the class thinking, “I’m not expecting this to wear me out.” Now that the class is over, what would I like to say to those people? Throw out those DVD and get yourselves to this class, or one that’s similar in your area.

Strip Aerobics at The P Spot in Washington, DC not only busted the myth that striptease isn’t a real workout, but there was never a single moment where I felt self-conscious. “Never?” you ask. NEVER. How can that be? I was too busy trying to keep up! And so was everybody else. We were too busy trying to do the moves correctly to worry about checking each other out (much less worrying about critiquing each other).

So what did we do? There were a lot of squats. We did squats with and without the use of a pole (there were a number of poles scattered throughout the room because they also offer Pole Fit classes there). We would hold a squat as we bounced our booties back and forth and up and down. We would squat, then open our knees wide and bring them back together again (this is called a “butterfly”). Stand up, repeat. Hurt.

In addition to the squats, there were various shimmying moves and also an ab component at the end. (Who knew you could work your abs in a sexy way? It’s all in the way you flex your toes, reach with your arms, and trail your hands oh-so-seductively down your legs.)

Whenever we had a short break, my fellow students and I would look at each other in sweaty amazement. Oh my God, we mouthed. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The P Spot is located on the bottom floor of a row house, an unassuming place directly across the street from a large church. In order to read the small sign posted on the door that lets you know you’ve arrived at the right place, you have to climb the flight of stairs leading to the front porch. (My friend Jen took the class, too. She writes for the DC Examiner and posted an excellent article about her experience with the class, including a profile of our awesome and ultra-fit instructor, Michaela.)

(Edited to add: Jen also featured me in a post on her DC Examiner site this morning.)

Michaela wore a pair of clear stiletto heels with tiny lights inside that blinked on and off. She also had a selection of red heels for rent (which a few ladies were brave enough to try), but I decided to forego that option. Other things to note: only women are allowed inside while classes are taking place and the doors remain locked.

If you’re still skeptical about the cardio aspect of the class? Here’s photo evidence of Jen and me (ultra-sweaty!) after the class was over.

Semi-Charmed Jen and me

Have you tried strip aerobics? Would you?

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