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Making Goals: Say “I Will”

I was exchanging some emails with Deb [blog no longer active] last week, and we started talking about goals — more specifically, what are our goals and how are we planning to accomplish them?

Deb sent me the list of goals she’s working towards completing, and one big thing stood out to me when I saw them — not the goals themselves, but how she’d started her sentences! All of her goals began with the words I will.

I will do this.
I will do that.

I was amazed that the way she phrased her goals had such a big impact on me. The thing is, I have things I’d like to do and certain goals I’ve set for myself — but all of my goals start with I’d like to.

I’d like to do this.
I’d like to do that.

Saying “I will” is quite a bit scarier than saying “I’d like to.” There’s more force behind it. There’s also less room for screwing up, because you’re committing yourself to accomplishing something. But if you’re brave enough to say “I will,” there’s a lot more accountability behind your words.

I must admit, I’m a little afraid of saying “I will.” I hadn’t thought about this before last week, but if I’m truly serious about my goals they should always start with “I will.” If my goals are important enough to me — which they should be — I should commit myself to following through and not take the easy way out.

Next step: figuring out which goals are important enough to put the strength of “I will” in front of them.

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