Random Friday

Random Friday, Ver. 64

1) The Land of Gambling and Bright Lights…

I’m going to Las Vegas next month for five days (Oct 18th-23rd). I purchased my plane ticket a few days ago. My Dutch friend Chantal and her boyfriend will fly into northern California from the Netherlands, then drive down the coast and over to Nevada. My aunt and uncle live close to Las Vegas, so I figured it would be a good meeting place — I haven’t seen them in a few years, so I’ll get there a few days early and spend time with them before Chantal and another friend arrive. (This will be my fourth trip to Vegas.)

2) Grumble-grumble

I had plans to meet up with someone last night, but it never happened. This person sent me an email yesterday afternoon saying they might not be able to meet until later in the evening, if at all. But they would definitely call. I got home at 6pm, called this person — no answer, so I left a message. I ate dinner, did some stuff online. I didn’t try calling again. One call is all you get; I will not leave multiple messages.

I wasn’t mad at this person — they had a good excuse for being busy. But the thing is, I purposefully didn’t make other plans last night because I thought we were hanging out. Even though not being contacted until the afternoon was late notice, I might have been able to set something else up if I’d really tried. But I went home and did busy-type things instead. So that was my fault. I should have immediately made other plans as soon as I got that email, or gone running, or taken a bike ride, or bought groceries. I’ve done my share of waiting, and waiting sucks.

I should put that on my list of goals. I will not wait for you.

3) Wussies

Why do people contact me through the online dating site I use if they don’t have photos on their profile? They ask me to send them my email address and they’ll send the photos that way. I used to just ignore these requests, but now I send this response: “I don’t want to see your photos if you’re too scared to post them online! Thanks!”

4) Artsy!

On the schedule for this weekend: the Alexandria Festival of the Arts. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow and temps will be in the upper 90s on Sunday…but I’ll work around it somehow.

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