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Car Woes

I got in my car last night to run an errand, but when I started backing up I heard a strange scraping sound. I could hear it when I pulled forward, too. The noise was similar to the sound I heard when that piece came loose underneath my car earlier this year, but I looked under the car and there wasn’t anything dragging the ground this time.

(I also opened the hood to make sure there wasn’t something glaringly obvious that would jump out at me and say, “Look! Here I am!” Engine, wires, hoses…check.)

So I didn’t take my car anywhere last night, and this also means I can’t drive to Reston tonight for the kettlebell class I was planning to take until I have someone look at it. (My good intentions…thwarted! Boo.)

The good thing about living where I do is most of the things I need are accessible by public transportation or within walking distance. I was planning to drive to Richmond tomorrow night — I’m meeting up with some friends and then spending Saturday and Sunday in Virginia Beach — so I went online and bought an Amtrak ticket. The Alexandria station is less than a mile from where I live, and the Richmond/Staples Mill station is just a few miles from my mom’s house, so she can pick me up. It’ll be my first time taking the train to Richmond for a visit, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

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