Bachelorette Party of Doom

I was in Virginia Beach this past weekend to celebrate my friend Teresa’s upcoming wedding — and while calling it the Bachelorette Party of Doom may be an exaggeration, something really bad did happen.



The crutches aren’t mine. The Maid of Honor was crossing the street on Friday night, and she tripped. By the next morning she could barely walk on her ankle, so she went to get it X-rayed. She has a fractured bone and will be in a cast for 4-6 weeks! So she’ll have a cast on when the wedding takes place three weeks from now.

(And yes, that pink balloon on the nightstand does have a p*nis on it. We were having a bachelorette party, after all.)

But the good part is, I got to spend a lot more time with my Richmond friends than I normally do.


We even got the only male to wear the bachelorette veil.


Even though my sister (pictured on the right) wasn’t happy about one of the bars we stopped into Saturday night…


…it was easy to drink those experiences away.


We had a great time walking around, even though it was so windy the girls had to have our long hair pulled back whenever we went outside.


Sometimes the weekend was absolutely shocking (I have no idea what my sister and I were looking at here, and the photographer couldn’t remember, either).


Here I am with the future bride:


(Thanks to Dana for being our official photographer and sharing all the photos.)

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