Would You Kiss Someone on the First Date?

I saw a post on Relationship Laboratory called What you should always do at the end of a first date. The advice — kiss the girl — was written by a male. He says if a date goes well and you want to know where you stand, all of your “doubts and insecurities can be solved with one simple action.”

The reasons he gives are these:

1. You are able to clearly gauge where you stand with the girl. If you reach in to kiss, and she pulls away, you definitely know you are OUT of the ballgame. […]

2. The girl EXPECTS you to kiss her. That’s right. Every sane girl who likes a guy wants that guy to be masculine, aggressive and show initiative but going in for the kiss. By not attempting to kiss her, you most likely are giving HER the wrong signals by making her feel that you are not really that interested in her.

As a female who’s been on a number of dates over the past few months, I have to disagree with this advice. I don’t consider myself unapproachable or uptight, but I haven’t kissed any of the guys I’ve gone out with on the first date.

I’m not saying I’m vehemently opposed to it. If someone I was having a really good time with decided to lean in and plant one on me, I wouldn’t immediately write him off for being so bold and uncouth. But truthfully, I prefer not to be kissed on the first date and so far none of the guys I’ve been out with have made the attempt.

Why do I feel this way? I’m sure it goes back to that whole “If they really like me, they won’t just want to get in my pants” mentality. (And jeez, it’s not like the second date is going to be all that far off.)

What about you? Do you kiss on the first date?

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