Random Friday

Random Friday, Ver. 68

1) Safety First

After I went for my late-night run, a few readers suggested I purchase a Road ID. So I did. I chose the interactive version (which means in an emergency, they would call a phone number on the bracelet and enter the ID/PIN located on the back). The good thing about it being interactive instead of just engraving my emergency contact information? I can change the information online whenever I want — instead of buying a brand new bracelet if someone changes their phone number.

2) Cutest puppy ever…squeeeeee!

My older sister just got a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever-Poodle mix). She sent me a photo via cell phone but it’s not very clear, so I’ll take a better one this weekend and post it during my weekend recap.

3) Hate me now

Since last week, most of my co-workers have been out of work at least a day or two each. There’s some kind of sickness going around. Several people have asked me when it’s going to be my turn, and I have assured them I’ll be fine — I’ve never even had a flu shot. I have some kind of weird Zan-doesn’t-get-sick genes. It’s a wonderful thing.

4) Weekend Fun

I’m off work today and this afternoon I’ll drive to Richmond. Tomorrow is my friend Teresa’s wedding (remember the Bachelorette Party of Doom?), so bridesmaid fun includes a rehearsal at the church tonight, dinner afterward, and the ceremony tomorrow afternoon. There’s sure to be pictures.

Happy weekend!

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