Random Friday

Random Friday, Ver. 69

1) Maybe I’ll hit a big jackpot and never come back!

I’m flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. (Early tomorrow morning. For some reason I thought my flight didn’t leave until 10am, but that’s the time I return next Thursday morning. I have to be at the airport before 6am for a 7am departure, so I’ll be getting up god-awful early. At least I don’t have trouble falling asleep on planes.)

I’ll spend the first two days with my Aunt Cathy, who lives in the nearby town of Henderson (I haven’t seen her since I left southern California and moved back to the east coast in June 2006). Then from Monday-Wednesday I’ll be with my Dutch friend Chantal and her boyfriend (they’re visiting from the Netherlands), and another friend, Lyndsey, who lives in Texas.

2) “I TOLD you guys, I don’t get sick…”

I was out of work last Friday and Monday due to all the bridesmaid-fun and attending BlogHer Bethesda — oops, I mean BlogHer DC. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I had THREE people ask me if I’d been out sick. (Since I’d previously told everyone that I rarely get sick, I guess they were curious to know if I’d been proved wrong). That would be a big fat NO.

3) What’s that darn dog called again?

Last Friday I told you guys that my sister Elissa now owns a Goldendoodle. When I was in Richmond last weekend, my mom and younger sister made the mistake of telling me what they thought the type of dog was when they couldn’t remember the real word — they guessed “Retrieverdoodle” and “Goldiepoo,” respectively.

4) Hotttttt

My friend Tripp sent me this link for Utilikilts. It reminded me there’s a Scottish Christmas Parade that takes place in Old Town Alexandria every December, where tons of men walk around wearing kilts. I think he’d fit right in, don’t you?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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