101 Things

101 Things, Month 22

I crossed off three things from my 101 Things list in October. (I was looking at the master list recently and noticed I’m now officially less than a year away from my end date: October 2, 2009.)

53. Visit Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jeff at one of their two homes

Cathy and Jeff have homes in Salmon, ID, and Henderson, NV (about 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip). I stayed at their house in Henderson for a few days last week when I was on a 5-day vacation. Uncle Jeff wasn’t there, but I did get to see my aunt, and I was physically at their house (and I flew a long way to get there!), so I say I’m good to go with this one.

82. Dress in a way I normally wouldn’t and observe people’s reactions

I wore my Halloween costume to a bar the weekend before Halloween, and I was the only one dressed up. I have no idea if people assumed I was in costume or not.

21. Dress in costume for Halloween

I hadn’t dressed up in costume since I was a kid, so I was determined to do so this year since my end-date for these 101 Things is next October (before Halloween). Mission accomplished!

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