Pre-Thanksgiving Randomness

Uncomfortable: I’ve been wearing black tights under my work skirts since the temperatures dropped, but my regular pair had a hole in the heel this morning. I took out the extra pair I had in the closet (which I purchased God knows how long ago, but they were brand new), and they are too short. But they’re the only pair I had, and I was on my way out the door, and it was too cold to go outside with bare legs…so I keep yanking on these whenever I stand up from my chair. How annoying! (Updated, 11:15am: I couldn’t stand the tights any longer. I took them off just now at my desk when nobody was around. I’ll put them back on before I leave tonight.)

Dreaming: of Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Those things are to die for. I made them last Thanksgiving and they were a big hit, so I’m making them again this year. One of my aunts has already laid claim on a few of them to take home with her.

Thanksgiving plans: I’m driving down to Richmond either late tonight (hoping not to get stuck in hellacious traffic!) or early tomorrow morning. The first dinner-sized meal will be at mom’s house around noon, then I’m driving to my dad’s place (about an hour outside of Richmond, in the boonies where I grew up) for meal #2. That meal will be taking place about 5-6 hours later, so I should be ready for more food by then.

Happy holiday!

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