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If You Want a Gift Wrapped, Don’t Ask Me for Help

Here’s something you might not know about me: I don’t like wrapping presents. Some people think it’s wrong to have a Christmas tree without a pile of colorful gifts underneath…but I say, if it means I’m the one who has to do the wrapping, I’m fine with the tree being bare. (In fact, the only reason we have a tree in our apartment right now is because it belongs to my roommate and she put it up entirely by herself.)

This year, I used an assortment of gift bags for most things, and for the others…well, take a look at this:

This is a great way to wrap!

I didn’t have any wrapping paper and didn’t feel like buying any, so I tied a bow around one box and used regular typing paper and tissue paper for the others.

(I’m sure my friend Janet is shaking her head sadly at this very moment. You see, Janet was an intern at the White House a number of years ago, stationed as a gift-wrapper in some kind of official gift-wrapping room…yes, such a position does exist!)

I’m fine with this. It saves a lot of time! And anyway, isn’t it what’s inside that counts?

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