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There’s a five-question interview that’s been making the rounds on various blogs. I actually volunteered at a few different places for people ask me questions, so I’ll be posting my answers over the next few days. I’m supposed to reciprocate and offer to interview anyone who asks me to do so, but in the interest of time I’m limiting my offer to the first five people who leave a comment and request an interview.

My first interview comes from Brian [blog no longer active].

1. What inspired you to start blogging to begin with?

I decided to start my blog in September 2002 when I was leaving my home in Virginia to move to California. Instead of updating all my friends and family separately via email, I figured a blog would be a good way to have my adventures and experiences in one central place. At the time I didn’t know how long I’d be living in California — if it would be permanent or just a short time. I ended up staying for about four months, moving back to Virginia in December 2002 so I could return to college the following semester (in-state tuition is much more affordable, which was a big factor in that decision).

2. What is the best part about blogging for you?

Hands down, it’s the feedback I receive. Blogging allows me to practice my writing, which I love to do (and I think my writing has evolved for the better in the past 6+ years I’ve been doing this). But if it weren’t for the comments I receive, I really doubt I’d spend as much time on this blog as I do. Also, the feedback and comments have led to many in-person meetings, allowing me to become offline friends with a number of fantastic people.

3. What’s one restaurant you haven’t tried that you’ll be going to this year?

Just like I’m not very opinionated when it comes to music and movies, I don’t have one restaurant in mind either. I am, however, open to trying just about anything — if someone invited me to go somewhere new, I’d say, Hell yes, let’s go. And I’d be super-excited about it. (I would like to try an Indian restaurant, though. Any local suggestions?)

4. If money was no object, what is one thing you would buy for yourself besides a house or a car?

A trip around the world. If money was no object, that’s definitely what I’d do. Immediately. I wouldn’t worry about how long I’d stay in one place or where I needed to be next. I’d stay until I didn’t want to be there anymore, and then I’d go somewhere else.

5. Have you ever wanted to play a professional sport?

I’ve never aspired to play a professional sport. I’ve never excelled at one sport in particular, so I never possessed enough talent to dream of reaching that level. I never played on any school teams, or in any amateur group leagues. I’m not opposed to it…I just never have.

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