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So It Begins: My Final Year As a 20-something

Today is my 29th birthday.

I started this blog when I was 22. Back then, there were several bloggers I read who were in their late 20s, and I remember thinking they weren’t old — but they were older than me, and at times I wondered what my life would be like when I reached 29.

Well, here I am. I’m certainly different than I was seven years ago, and for that I am thankful. There are a few things I wish I would have accomplished by now that I haven’t, but truthfully, for the most part, I’m happy with who I am.

This is what being 29 means to me:

I like where I live. I’m healthy. I have great friends and family. I’m debt-free. I’m not stressed-out. I own a car and I have fun gadgets, like a laptop and an iPhone.

I went to New York City a few weeks ago, and Jacksonville before that. I’ll be flying to Chicago next month to attend my third BlogHer conference. I’m planning my first-ever trip to Idaho and Montana to visit my aunt and check out some national parks.

I have over three weeks of vacation saved up at work which need to be used. This fall, I’ll be a bridesmaid in my little sister’s wedding. I’ve also been known to to whip up a mean batch of red velvet cupcakes from scratch.

Those things sound pretty great to me. I feel like my life is better now than it was when I was 22, and I hope it continues to get better.

I’m pretty positive it will.

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