Random Friday

Random Friday, Ver. 103

1) Stuff

My Random Friday posts have been infrequent as of late, whereas in the past they were one of the few constants on this site (in addition to my twice-weekly BlogHer posts). It’s a combination of going through a general writing slump — something that’s happened on a number of occasions in the almost-7 years I’ve been blogging — and being involved with other activities which cut into my writing time.

Rest assured, things are great with me. In fact, I’m doing something tonight that’s pretty super-cool, and I’ll post a recap sometime over the weekend or early next week. (You might have to give me a day or two…I blame any delays on the whole “having other things to fill my time” thing.)

2) Last weekend

I leave next Thursday for the BlogHer conference in Chicago. Last Sunday night I went to a DC-area pre-BlogHer meetup, held at Scene Gallery in National Harbor, Maryland. I met some new bloggers, along with a number of ladies I’ve seen in the past. Here are a few pictures from the event from Laurie Writes.

I didn’t know this one was being taken…gotta love candids.


Me and Laurie.

Laurie and Zan

Me and Sarah, from Sarah and the Goon Squad.

Zan and Sarah

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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