14 Things This Single Gal is Thankful For

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1. I’m thankful I’ve never felt pressure to be anything but myself, or rush into something I’m not ready for. I’ve talked to other people and I know this isn’t always the case. My family likes me the way I am.

2. I’m thankful I’m not in an unhappy relationship.

3. I’m thankful that when some dude asks me why I’m still single, I can answer simply and honestly: “Because it is my choice.”

4. I’m thankful I can meet a bunch of different people to find out who I like and what type of personality is right for me.

5. I’m thankful not only for the nice people I’ve met through online dating, and the good experiences I’ve had, but for the people who have hurt me. I believe without a doubt that getting hurt — and more importantly, realizing you can survive, overcome, and prosper — makes you stronger.

6. I’m thankful I was able to sit in my apartment this morning, alone (my roommate was away), writing this post without distractions, and there was nowhere else I needed to be. Now that I’m finished writing, I’ll go to the gym, come home to shower, and then I have plans for the rest of the day — both lunch and dinner.

7. I’m thankful people take the time to read what I write.

8. I’m thankful that I’m level-headed. When I had drinks with my friend Laurie a few weeks ago, she said something like, “You’re one of the most level-headed people I’ve ever met.” I took that as a big compliment. See, what she meant is I don’t freak out about things. I look at both sides of an issue before I make a decision. I don’t assume people are out to get me, and I’m not jaded. I like to say I’m cautiously optimistic, or maybe I’m an optimistic realist. I know that life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but I prefer to believe things will work themselves out (or maybe I’m just lucky, because most of the time they have).

9. I’m thankful I have a good job in this time of record unemployment.

10. I’m thankful to live in an area I really like, and it’s close enough to my immediate family that I can drive to see them in less than two hours.

11. I’m thankful that in the past three years I’ve lived in northern Virginia, I’ve made friends who mean a great deal to me (while still maintaining friendships with people who live farther away). I’m very lucky.

12. I’m thankful that when I finally move into an apartment by myself, I’ll be the only person with any input about what goes in and out. Mine, all mine. (Rubs hands together gleefully)

13. I’m thankful I’m able to make the decisions about what happens in my life. Not everyone has that luxury, and I don’t take it for granted.

14. I’m thankful for my independence. I’m proud that I’ve chosen to move various places over the years (including my current location) simply because I wanted to go, and not because it was suggested to me by someone else. I’ve made a life for myself by being independent, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

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