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I didn’t go outside for three full days. See, it snowed all day on Saturday, and then Sunday and Monday it remained quite nasty outside. Since there wasn’t a reason for me to bundle up and go out, I didn’t. (However, there’s a fitness room in my building, so even though many of you know how much I dislike using machines for cardio, I’ve been utilizing them.) I worked from home yesterday and today, and there’s a good chance I’ll continue to do the same at least through Thursday.

I wasn’t happy to hear that a fresh layer of snow will be dumped on the ground tonight and tomorrow, but I’ll survive. I did some grocery shopping last Thursday before the first storm, but the fresh fruit and veggies I bought have all been consumed. I have enough food in my apartment to get me through the next few days, but my options are kind of boring: oatmeal, bran cereal, microwave popcorn, canned soup, canned tuna, frozen veggies, egg whites that can be scrambled, pickles, and some protein bars.

I was able to hang out with friends in DC last Friday night, but Metro shut down access to above-ground stations at 11pm so I had to make my escape back to Virginia before then. The above-ground stations remained closed until this morning, which is why I stayed home and didn’t try to go anywhere. Although they reopened those stations this morning, like I said…we’re expecting another major snowfall later today. So it may be another few days before I can use the Metro again.

This also means my car is snowed-in. If there was an emergency or somewhere I had to be, I could dig it out — but since that isn’t the case (except for being limited to boring food options, which I can handle), I’ll leave my car where it is. Plus, when I went outside today (I finally decided to venture out so I could buy some sushi for lunch) I noticed that the roads outside my apartment (they aren’t major roads; I’ve heard those are pretty clear by now) are still packed with snow and ice.

See? This is my snowed-in car as of a few hours ago (the one in the middle with the blurred-out license plate). At least this photo proves I’m not the only person who hasn’t extricated their car from the parking lot.


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