Space-Saving Tips for Small Homes

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Ever since I moved into a studio apartment in January, I find myself drawn to stories and photos of other studios, as well as the people who live in them. I want to know how they arrange their furniture, and if living in a smaller space suits them. I wonder if their space feels crowded because they’re trying to fit too much into a limited amount of square footage or if everything flows like it should.

I’ve discovered some people prefer to live in small spaces. There’s less upkeep involved, less to clean, and less furniture to buy to fill large rooms you may not be using.

I don’t like to keep stuff around that I’m not using, so although I’m aware of various space-saving measures — hiding items in storage ottomans, or in flat plastic containers I could slide under my bed — I haven’t needed to utilize them.

When I moved from my last location to my current place, the kind people who helped me move remarked on my very manageable amount of boxes and furniture. That was purposeful on my part — I always purge things I don’t want anymore when I move from one place to another. (In fact, I’d just dropped off six big bags of stuff at a thrift store the weekend before.)

I’ve noticed that when I meet someone and find out they live in a studio, I tend to start asking questions. I want to know if they separate their living area from their sleeping area, or if they keep the room open. I inquire about the use of room dividers. I wonder if they like their space or if they’d trade up for a larger area if they could (there are some people who say they wouldn’t).

What’s your favorite way to save space in a small home?

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