Life List

Zan’s Life List

* Take a class, or receive private instruction, on 10 things I didn’t previously know how to do
(These can be things I’ve never done before or something I’d like to learn to do better.)
#1 – Zan Rolls Sushi
#2 – Make excellent crepes

* Become conversational in Spanish
(Previous experience: I took Spanish in high school and college.)

* Ride in a helicopter

* Watch 50 documentaries

* Live in another country again for at least six months
(I spent five months in Amsterdam in 2004)

* Take another long road trip in the U.S.
(I’ve made two round-trip cross-country drives, from Virginia to California and back, so I’ve crossed the U.S. four times already. I’ll take a new route next time.)

* Visit Philadelphia

* Visit Boston
(Completed in June 2012)

* Visit New Orleans

(This post was last updated on Feb 13, 2016.)

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