I’m Loving 2011

Something I’ve realized about blogging — at least my own personal blogging, since I began way back in 2002 — is that when I’m writing regularly, pretty much anything has the potential to be interesting. When you write regularly, it’s possible for the mundane to be spun into something of great importance.

If, for instance, I decided to move to a new apartment…my goodness! That could be multiple posts right there (and in the past, it has been). Last November I wrote that the rent for my studio apartment was increasing. Luckily, I decided not to include the follow-up work: exploring various locations, feeling some stress when my lease was about to expire and I didn’t have a new place to live, the moving process itself, and settling into the new space.

My life doesn’t work that way anymore. I no longer feel like writing online as much, so I leave out a lot of the details I used to share. It’s not because I’m too busy — there are plenty of people with much more hectic lives than I have who are able to find the time. I just don’t make the time anymore.

However, sometimes the mood strikes and I feel the need to click the Publish button on a post again. Here are just a few things that have been going on in my life:

So yes, I moved…again

I found a place in southwest DC and moved out of Arlington in mid-December. One of my brothers and my nephew drove up from Richmond to help out, and I also had the assistance of a bunch of local friends who made the moving process happen pretty darn quickly.

I’m living in a 1-bedroom apartment again, instead of a studio. Thank goodness. Although some people are able to thrive in studio apartments, I really like my sleeping area being separate from my living area. I’ve had a number of get-togethers in the past few months (I’ve hosted football-watching, pizza-making, and a bachelorette party for my dear friend Shannon, among other things), and I love it. I’ve never been known as a host in the past, but the change is awesome.

I’m Not SAD (SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder)

The months of November through February are generally my SADdest times of the year. It happens to a lot of people; I am not out of the ordinary. I have recognized this tendency for years and I accept that I will feel more melancholy during this period of time.

Yet, a funny thing happened recently. A week or two back, I was leaving work after 5pm and it struck me that it wasn’t as dark outside as it had been. Right after that, I realized Spring is hovering just around the corner and I haven’t been nearly as affected by SAD this season. I think it’s pretty cool I didn’t even think about it this year until I happened to notice the changing of the season.

What made the difference? I like to think there are multiple reasons. Moving to a new location I adore (even if it is less than 5 miles from my last apartment). Spending more time with friends because of being in closer proximity to them. And also rediscovering a super-cool person in early November who has become a pretty great source of distraction.

I’ll close this post with a photo

My youngest sister is expecting her first child this summer. This photo was taken on Christmas Day, so she’s quite noticeably larger at this point.

My little sister is preggers...

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