My 31st Birthday

I turned 31 last week, which — you can ask anyone if you want to verify this — is not nearly as exciting as turning 30. When you’re on the cusp of 30, everyone wants to know how you feeeeeeel about it. Are you bummed? Are you embracing the new decade with wide open arms? I described how I felt about it last year, but this year I’m “just 31.” Although the excitement of a new decade may be over, I like being this age. My life has gotten better since I turned 30.

Since my birthday fell during the week, I worked all day like I usually do. I kept saying it didn’t really seem like my birthday until I got out of work and met up with my boyfriend for dinner. Then my day was complete.

However, I did throw myself a party last Saturday night. I had to leave some people off the invite list due to space limitations (I had about 20 people in my 1-bedroom apartment), but it ended up being a good number and I had a terrific time. It takes quite a bit of prep work to pull something like that off — and quite a bit of time to clean up — but I had help from friends which made the task a lot easier. (I even had a security guy come up from the lobby because a neighbor called in a noise complaint. As we all know, a party in an apartment building is not complete without a noise complaint.)


Birthday Stats

Number of calls received: 2
Number of emails received: 2
Number of texts received: 3
Number of cards received: 5
Number of bouquets of flowers received: 2
Number of messages on my Facebook wall: 84 (clearly Facebook wins)


This is what I look like at age 31.

My 31st birthday

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