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I Survived the Periodontist

I was told last month that I needed a periodontal procedure, and my appointment for a gum graft occurred yesterday afternoon.

I only got one of the three teeth done. I have a $2000 dental limit per year (and I’d already used part of that for a deep cleaning earlier in 2012), so if I’d had the other two grafts done yesterday I would have had to pay over $1700 out of pocket. Instead of doing that, I forked over $180 for one tooth and I’ll schedule the other two for early next year.

The procedure itself wasn’t bad. They gave me a prescription for valium to take in advance, which helped me relax. The worst pain I felt is the needles they used to numb my gums for the procedure; once that part was over I didn’t feel anything. It was a bit disconcerting to watch two people peer into my mouth, brandishing sharp devices, so I kept my eyes closed most of the time.

There’s a CVS on the ground floor of my dentists’ office, so I went down there after the procedure to fill the prescriptions they gave me — antibiotics and some pain meds. I had to take two Oxycodone yesterday because of the throbbing, but so far today I’ve only had one 800-mg Ibuprofen. Other than some soreness and slight puffiness in my cheek, I feel fine.

Paul works just a few blocks from my dentists’ office, so he met me there after my procedure and escorted me home. I had to hold an ice pack on my face for most of the evening (15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, per their instructions) to minimize bruising. I haven’t noticed any bruises yet so hopefully I’m in the clear. (When I had the deep cleaning done earlier this year, I developed a bruise on one cheek that lingered for at least a week.)

I wish I would have received more warning in advance about the food restrictions — I wasn’t prepared for being put on a soft-foods diet for the next week. (They told me last month I wouldn’t be able to eat anything crunchy, like chips or popcorn, but it didn’t occur to me that I would be even more restricted in my choices.) They put this plastic stuff in front of and behind my tooth that has the new graft, which is why I have to limit myself to soft foods (yogurt, applesauce, etc) or liquids for at least the next week until I go back in to have it removed. (The stitches stay in for an additional week after that, and I’m unclear at this point if the soft foods diet will be extended for the full two weeks. I guess I’ll find out next Tuesday when I go back in.)

I’ve had to relax my normal paleo diet rules and add more dairy back in — I can’t chew any meat or veggies at all right now.

What I’ve eaten today:
3 protein shakes (mixed with almond milk)
2 hard boiled eggs
Greek yogurt

I’ve never had to restrict myself to soft foods and liquids for such a long time, so this will be…interesting.

Luckily, my last homemade dinner was a big success. On Sunday I made CrockPot Creamy Red Shrimp and Tomato Curry for the first time. It was absolutely phenomenal.

I decided to double the recipe and ended up with an immense amount (it completely filled my 6-qt CrockPot). Paul and I ate it for dinner on Sunday night, I took it for lunch on Monday (before my dental procedure), and he consumed it again for last night’s dinner.

The only changes I made were leaving out the optional carrots and green onions. Paul ate his over rice and I had mine over braised cabbage.

CrockPot Creamy Red Shrimp Tomato Curry

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  • Reply Leah August 21, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, I couldn’t eat any solids for two weeks. I know this sounds weird, but I ate a lot of baby food. As long as there’s no corn starch in it, the stuff is pretty tasty. Plum is my favorite. Anyway, it’s an option if you get sick of applesauce.

    Can you eat soup? There’s a lot of yummy soup options, especially if you don’t mind some dairy.

    I hope you have a smooth recovery.

    • Reply Naturally Minimalist August 22, 2012 at 2:26 pm

      I may be able to find some soup that would be acceptable. I tend not to like canned soup because I find the sodium content too high.

      As for baby food, Paul said that if I buy some, he must be able to take a photo of me eating it. So I may have to pass on that! 🙂

  • Reply cebrought August 23, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Prayers for a full and speedy recovery:))

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