Bird Island Pier

Paul might hate me for featuring this photo, but I have a fond memory of visiting Bird Island Pier on our last trip to Buffalo in September 2012. It was a gray, rainy day but we were almost at the end of our visit and he knew I wanted to see it before we left. (He used to run on the path years ago with a friend but hadn’t been back in a long time.)

Paul stuggling with a cranky umbrella

As you can see, Paul was stuck wrestling with a temperamental umbrella. I had brought along my strong, trusty umbrella from home but he had to borrow one from his parents. We didn’t realize it wouldn’t hold up to the strong wind until after we’d set out.

(Despite the look you see on his face, he was actually a good sport about it.)

I have no idea how many times his umbrella turned itself inside-out before we decided to team up. He grabbed one side, I grabbed the other (while holding onto my own umbrella with the other hand), and he was able to remain relatively dry until we made it back to the car.

The pier only has one entrance — which means once you reach the stopping point at the Peace Bridge, you have to turn around and backtrack to your destination — but it’s still pretty cool. I was also surprised by how much wider it is in person than how it appears from the adjacent 190 thruway.

Bird Island Pier; Buffalo, NY

One year ago, WGRZ reported the pier (which is over 100 years old) would receive “a $750,000 makeover.” The funds would be used to reopen the portion of the structure that was closed in 2010; the structural damage was caused by “exposure to swift river currents and taking the full brunt of weather off of Lake Erie.”

I didn’t know in advance that we wouldn’t be allowed to walk the entire length, so I’d like to check it out again once it reopens. In June 2012, the City of Buffalo reported that repairs would start in September, but didn’t mention how long it would take.

Bridge to Bird Island Pier; Buffalo, NY
(This is the Ferry Street Lift Bridge which leads to Broderick Park and the Bird Island Pier. We were able to watch the drawbridge lift to allow a boat to pass through.)

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