Patience, or the Lack Thereof

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sending Paul all the Buffalo job leads I come across; anything that looks like something he may be interested in.

For over a year, we’ve agreed that March-May 2013 would be an ideal time for us to move — the weather is starting to warm up (March) but hasn’t reached hellish humidity levels in DC yet (May).

For the entirety of 2012, when we knew we were going to move but the timeframe was still many months away, I had all kinds of patience. But now? Now, when March is less than a month away? Just ask Paul; the poor man has to live with me. I am more than ready to move.

I’m ready to leave DC. I’m ready to pull out all the moving boxes we’ve been saving, flattened in neat stacks in the closets and under the bed in the guest room.

I’m ready to haul a big load of stuff to Goodwill, the inevitable byproduct of packing up everything we own (I have moved many times and never once have I done so without giving something away).

I’m ready to rent a moving truck, and cajole my brothers and teenage nephew — and any other friends who would like to help us! ahem! — into lending their brawn to help us pack it up.

I’m ready for a new apartment, one that doesn’t sit on a busy road, in close proximity to both a police and fire station. Their ear-shattering sirens are a constant distraction.

I have more patience than Paul when it comes to certain things, but in this case — moving from DC to Buffalo — he is the calm one. He knows the move will happen, and he’s looking forward to it, but he hasn’t reached the point of “balls to the wall, nose to the grindstone, it’s time to job search!” that I have.

When I make up my mind to do something — especially when it involves a big life change — I move quickly. I can think of multiple examples where this has been the case throughout my life.

(Here are a few examples: I decided I was going to move to California after I graduated from college. A few weeks after I received my diploma, I was driving cross-country by myself. When I returned to Virginia a year later and wasn’t finding many job opportunities in Richmond, I decided to start looking in DC, where I didn’t know a soul. Within a few weeks, I had a new job, a new apartment, and a new life.)

This upcoming move is a big deal; it will be the biggest life-change I’ve made so far in my 30s. I’m trying to relax and go with the flow, but the waiting — while I continue to do the daily routine I so wish to shake up — is getting difficult.

In the meantime, both Paul and I are trying to take advantage of the rest of our time in DC: hanging out with friends as much as we can, waiting for my sister and her boyfriend to come up for a visit…stuff like that. Hopefully that big life-change will be here before we know it.

(Niagara Falls at night. Photo taken on the American side of the river, September 2011.)

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