Weekend in Photos: Festivals!

Paul and I traveled to Buffalo last Thursday night and stayed through noon on Sunday. Paul had a job interview on Friday afternoon, we got to visit the townhouse we’ll be renting.

We ended up attending THREE festivals on Friday and Saturday: BuffaLoveFest at the Zoo, the Greek Festival, and the Pride Festival on Allen Street.

First up was BuffaLoveFest. My only complaint? They had beer, but I was looking for wine. (I did end up drinking the beer.)

This is Paul attempting to dunk the person sitting at the dunk tank.

Paul at BuffaLoveFest Dunking Booth

I follow a number of people on Twitter who were supposed to be at the festival, but even though I was looking out for them, the crowd was so large I couldn’t locate anybody who looked familiar. My only successful run-in was with Charlie and Karen Fashana, who blog at Hello Hertel. They were volunteering at a table so it was easier to find them.

As usual, I didn’t think about taking a photo with the people I was talking to (I’m so bad about that!), but I did take some shots of Zoo wildlife. They don’t have these particular animals at the National Zoo in DC so it was cool to see something different. Like rhinos…

Wildlife at Buffalo Zoo

…a polar bear (lying on its back and eating a branch)…

Polar Bear at Buffalo Zoo

…and of course, a bison.

Bison at Buffalo Zoo

We also encountered this cool chalk art, which turned out to be an advertisement for the upcoming ChalkFest in August.

Chalk art at BuffaLoveFest

Oh! And I got to eat at Lloyd Taco Truck for the first time. Their food is very popular and their chicken tacos didn’t disappoint.

Lloyd's Tacos at BuffaLoveFest

On Saturday, Paul and I went with his parents to the Greek Festival. Paul’s mom does part-time work at the church so it was fun to see the place and meet some of the people she works with.

More food was consumed at this festival — namely, Greek salad with spanakopita and baklava for dessert.

Spanikopita at Buffalo Greek Festival

Baklava at Buffalo Greek Festival

For dinner that night, Paul and I went to Mezza on Elmwood Avenue (delicious!). It was a lot of food so we took leftovers home.

After dinner, we wound up at the Pride Festival on Allen Street. Pride Week ran from May 28th through June 2nd with quite a few activities. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time we were at the festival but it was still fun to hang out for a while.

Buffalo Pride Festival

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Paul will get the job and we’ll be able to set a move date. I’m just as impatient to start packing as I was a few months ago!

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