Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival

On Saturday, I volunteered at the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival from 1130am-330pm. The event didn’t start until noon so I was able to take a few photos of the set-up.

This was taken before the crowds descended:

Coca-Cola Field

Lots of red trash cans waiting to be filled with delicious, discarded wings:

The almost-empty field

I was assigned to Charlie the Butcher‘s booth, so I served Beef on Weck rather than wings. But that’s okay — I had fun during my shift and the ladies I worked with were great.

Fun fact: The three ladies making the food were seasonal employees of Coca-Cola Field, not Charlie the Butcher. The guy in the photo below was the only legit employee of the restaurant. He showed up a few hours into our shift and helped make a stack of sandwiches for an eating contest that was happening later in the afternoon.

An employee from Charlie the Butcher

I got to see behind the scenes at the park when we were sent to pick up the roast beef for the sandwiches inside a refrigerated truck.

Refrigerated truck

Then we wheeled it on a cart back to our booth:

Transporting the roast beef

Before the sandwiches could be served to the public, we had to pass a health code inspection. After the lady on the left made sure our beef was heated to a certain temperature, we were ready to go.

Health inspector

The sauce was heating in these tubs. The roast beef was dipped in the sauce before being placed in the rolls.

Prep for Beef on Weck

We had lots and lots of kummelweck rolls:

Kummelweck Rolls

Customers could self-serve with horseradish. We actually had a bunch of people ask if we had ketchup (the nerve!).

Serve-yourself horseradish

I wore this t-shirt, which I received when I volunteered for the Food Bank at the Erie County Fair last month. You guys…I had like TWENTY people compliment me on it. (Note: I was wearing a less wrinkled version on Saturday.)

Volunteer t-shirt

For volunteering, I received 10 food tickets that I used to get wings (I also purchased some ice cream from Perry’s). Paul was at home so I took everything back and we shared it. It was delicious, and devoured too fast to take a photo!

Volunteer event #3 complete! What will be next?

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