Bird Island Pier, The Sequel

Over a year ago (September 2012), Paul and I visited Bird Island Pier on a gray, rainy, windy day. The conditions were far from ideal — and subsequently we ran into very few people — but we were nearing the end of our visit and I wanted to check it out.

While the pier is a little over a mile long, we were only able to walk as far as the Peace Bridge (around 0.3 miles) on our first visit because the rest of the pier was undergoing structural repair. When the entire length finally reopened in August 2013 (it was closed for three years), I made a note to check it out.

Paul and I weren’t the only ones to visit last Saturday. On our outbound walk to the end of the pier, I counted 37 people. I stopped counting on the way back but I know the total would have been over 50. There were families, couples, teenagers, bicycles, and multiple people fishing.

This is a shot I took of Paul at Bird Island Pier in September 2012, on that awful windy day:

Paul stuggling with a cranky umbrella

Here we are on a much nicer day in November 2013:

Paul at Bird Island Pier

Zandria at Bird Island Pier

(I love the view of downtown Buffalo in the background.)

But those photos were taken at the very end of the pier. When you first cross the Ferry Street Bridge, this is what you see: Construction.

Construction at Bird Island Pier

It’s not very pretty but I’m sure the end result will be worth it. The parking lot is difficult to access right now so Paul and I ended up parking on the street about a quarter mile away and crossing the bridge on foot. (There were some cars in the lot but we couldn’t figure out how they got there; construction equipment was blocking the normal path from the Ferry Street Bridge.)

Once you get past the messy section, there’s a nice park with benches and lovely views of the water.

Park at Bird Island Pier

This is a shot of Bird Island Pier with the Peace Bridge in the distance.

Bird Island Pier

Isn’t it lovely?

Bird Island Pier

As I mentioned, the pier stopped at the Peace Bridge for three years while it was under repair. There was a locked gate blocking the path (although I read that a lot of people ignored it and just walked on the surrounding rocks to get around the barrier).

Bird Island Pier

It’s difficult to see in this shot, but as you walk down the pier, on your left is a row of spray-painted banners with names of rowing teams and individuals and their wins. I haven’t seen any rowers in Buffalo yet, but I’m sure they’re out there!

View from Bird Island Pier

When you reach the end of the pier, this skinny wall extends even farther (I’m not sure how far). It looked too precarious for me to venture out on it, but I did see one guy who had gone out about 20 feet. If you want to do something dangerous, I hope you at least have good balance.

Bird Island Pier

This is the view from the pier as you stand at the end (looking back the way you came in).

Bird Island Pier

Bird Island Pier is a lovely place. Check it out!

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  • Reply Jaclyn November 22, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Beautiful! I notice the pier every time I drive by it and I must get out there for a walk. Your pictures are fabulous, and I love your Sabres shirt!

    • Reply Zan November 24, 2013 at 3:50 pm

      Thanks, dear! And yes, the pier is a gorgeous place. At least the day we visited. This weekend? It would be FREEZING. 🙂

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