Buffalo Reading Invasion

Last week I attended my first Reading Invasion. It happens exactly the way you would expect:

Step 1: Organizers choose a location. In this case, it was the Black Rock Heritage Garden, a community garden which is a member of the awesome Grassroots Gardens.

Buffalo Reading Invasion

Step 2: The event is promoted on social media, via their blog, Twitter and Facebook. The organization’s mission is to “promote Buffalo’s love of reading through large public action.”

Step 3: People show up on the assigned day with a book (or e-reader). They sit and read. If you want to chat with your neighbor, make sure to whisper so you don’t disturb others! (Also, bringing your own chair or blanket is recommended.)

Buffalo Reading Invasion

Buffalo Reading Invasion

Step 4: Reward attendees with a bookmark!

Buffalo Reading Invasion Bookmark

The June event took place in Bidwell Parkway (they had over 300 attendees!).

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