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A Day in the Life – Buffalo, NY

Hollywood Housewife – a blogger I’ve very much enjoyed reading for several years now – challenged readers to take photos of their daily lives on Wednesday, Oct 22nd and post them to Instagram with the tag #OneDayHH.

I’ve completed several day-in-the-life posts in my twelve years of blogging, but it’s been a while since my last one. It’s interesting to look back on these posts because I’ve always done them while living in different locations.

My routine has changed quite a bit over the years. This entry shows a day in my life while I live and work in downtown Buffalo, NY.

(Note: Some of these photos were posted to my Instagram account, but I posted all of them on Flickr. Flickr allows me to embed photos here without that annoying border Instagram has.)

Here we go!

6:45am – Alarm goes off, I drink a big glass of water, take my daily pill to combat hypothyroidism, and get in the shower. (I wake up at 6:35 on the days I wash my hair since that takes a little more time.)

6:55am – I’m out of the shower and Paul’s alarm has gone off, so I climb back into bed for a few minutes for hugs. It’s a good start to the day.

7:00am – Brush teeth and apply makeup. I wear makeup every day but I’m not adventurous with my technique or color options. All of the makeup items I own are right here on the sink ledge.

Day in the Life 1

7:35am – Pack up my breakfast in the kitchen. For my work bag, I still use this freebie I received from my last job when I worked for Rosetta Stone in Arlington, VA.

Day in the Life 16

Before leaving the house, I take a CrockPot full of Pumpkin Turkey Chili from the fridge and turn it on so it’ll be ready in time for dinner. I prepared the ingredients the night before.

Day in the Life 2

7:45am – Walk to my workplace, which is about half a mile from home. I love my daily walk and it’s the one thing I’ll miss when my husband and I move out next month. (We’re buying our very first house!)

There’s some construction happening on Chippewa Street:

Day in the Life 4

This is a view of Main Street, which for many years has been for the sole use of the metro and pedestrians. The plan is to add vehicular traffic back to the street, which they’ve been working on for months.

Day in the Life 5

Beautiful leaves in western New York:

Day in the Life 6

7:55am – Arrive at work. Even though I sit in a cubicle, this is the most private space I’ve ever had. I love the high walls. If people want to talk to me, they have to come to my doorway.

Day in the Life 14

8:30am – Unpack a box of office supplies. I work as an executive assistant and order supplies periodically for our group.

Day in the Life 7

9:00am – Retrieve a cup of decaf coffee from the machine in the break room. The taste leaves much to be desired, but I drink it anyway.

Day in the Life 13

9:15am – Selfie in the bathroom mirror! Black pants, black tank top, sheer polka-dot shirt.

Day in the Life 8

9:45am – Answer a call on my cell phone from an unrecognized number. It’s my dentist!! (Let me clarify: It was the actual dentist. Not someone on his staff. I was shocked.) He was calling to check on me after a procedure I had at his office the day before. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Buffalo, NY area, I highly recommend Wood Dental. Dr. Wood and his staff are really phenomenal, with a high-tech office and late opening hours.

10:00am – Back to the break room to heat up my breakfast. Today I’m eating dinner leftovers (Cauliflower Puttanesca with sautéed green and red cabbage). I’m eating cabbage instead of pasta because I’m currently on Day 25 of a Whole30.

This is what the break room looks like. I like the large window that takes up one wall.

Day in the Life 12

11:30am – Bundle up in a hat, gloves, and fleece jacket to walk down the street and pick up food for a lunch meeting (it’s in the low 40’s outside…brrrr!). Destination: Salsarita’s. They’re not nearly as good as Chipotle but sometimes you have to go with proximity over quality.

Day in the Life 9

1:30pm – Walk home on my lunch break. This is really the only thing I’ll miss about leaving downtown to buy a house of our own. I’ll be about 5 miles from work so I’ll have to drive my car (or take a bus) instead of walking back and forth.

I’ve really enjoyed the luxury of walking home in the middle of a workday. I don’t have to lug my lunch containers around; I get an extra mile of exercise; and sometimes I’ll do dinner prep or other house-related things so they don’t have to be done later in the day.

When I walked by, these workmen were fixing a traffic signal:

Day in the Life 10

4:30pm – Leave work.

4:50pm – Arrive home and grab some books to return to the library. The largest location in the Buffalo system isn’t far away. I walk over with the books and my laptop and spend about 45 minutes there before returning home.

Day in the Life 11

6:00pm: – I don’t have any dinner prep tonight since I prepared the CrockPot in advance, but I look for future recipes to make in the paleo cookbooks I checked out from the library last week.

Day in the Life 17

7:45pm – Paul gets home from work. What a handsome guy!

Day in the Life 15

He watches the end of Jeopardy, we chat about our day, and when he starts watching something else at 8am I read blog posts on my laptop.

9:00pm – Time for Law & Order: SVU. This show and The Walking Dead are the only two I watch on a regular basis.

10:15pm – I had brushed and flossed my teeth after dinner so all I need to do is wash and moisturize my face before bed. I read a book on my phone for about 15 minutes before turning the light out at 10:30.

Nothing ultra-exciting happened today, but that’s the best time to do a day in the life post. No lunches with friends, after-work events, restaurant meals, or even midweek grocery trips. Hope you enjoyed the glimpse!

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  • Reply Chris Abraham November 20, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Loved the walk-along and love your bob cut! I am such a sucker for bobbed hair. We miss you here in DC but you’re living the life!

    • Reply Zandria November 23, 2014 at 6:52 pm

      You’re the sweetest, Chris! My hair is growing out a bit so I have to decide if I’m cutting it again…decisions, decisions. 🙂

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