A Place to Eat

The desire to eat at a table (instead of the living room couch) has been on my mind constantly since we bought a house with a dining room. I’m tired of balancing plates on my lap and being careful not to drop food on the leather sofa.

I was quite excited to place an online order for a table in December. It was delivered last Friday.

Dining room table

Friday was actually the third time I had a delivery date on my calendar for this table – the first date was canceled due to heavy snow and when they showed up on the second delivery date, someone had forgotten to put the table on the truck.

Lucky for them, the successful delivery of a pretty table made past troubles quickly forgotten. I wanted something different from the norm so we chose this model with a reclaimed pine base, metallic (zinc) top, and rivets running along the edge. (It’s hard to get a sense of scale from the above photo — the diameter is 60″, so it’s a good size.)

The only problem I have right now is lack of seating. I’ve been staring at my table but unable to eat at it.

I’ve looked at chairs online for weeks, but it’s difficult to choose furniture when you can’t see it in person. Even if there was free shipping, I don’t want to feel pressured to keep the chairs if I don’t love them (due to the expense of shipping them back).

I was more comfortable ordering a table online without seeing it in person because 1) it’s a heavy duty piece from a respected brand (Restoration Hardware); and 2) it would be delivered and set up in front of me, so if something was off, I could refuse to accept it.

With chairs, unless you order them from a furniture store and have them delivered, they’re likely going to arrive in a box. In most cases, this means you’ll need to attach the back of the chair to the bottom, as well as all four legs. I’ve read many an online review from people who had trouble putting these chairs together, or once together they appeared wobbly, and/or cheap looking.

I want fully upholstered chairs (both back and seat) because I want people to be comfortable sitting in them for long stretches of time. (Due to my back issue, I have trouble sitting in wooden chairs for extended periods.) Plus, we plan to use them for extra seating in our living room when we have guests.

Paul and I have decided to go to some furniture stores and look at them in person. Crossing our fingers we’ll score good-looking chairs that don’t cost a ton of money!

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  • Reply Leah January 22, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    Nice! Have you found chairs yet? My parents have awesome upholstered ones that they found at a hardware store, of all places! Something like Home Depot (not sure which one). Definitely poke around at some unexpected places and see what you find. Costco sometimes sells nice furniture too.

    • Reply Zandria January 23, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      Leah: We found some we liked at Ashley Furniture. Not crazy expensive, but also not super cheap (which we worried would fall apart immediately). And we got to see them in person and sit in them, which is what made the decision difficult when I was looking online. Now I’m impatiently waiting for them to be delivered!

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